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Thank you for the class.  I learned a lot and you helped me find more ways of being profitable and efficient.  I plan on implementing many of the things I learned to help my employees increase profits and growth for the company.

Alan Pope


This class was very informative yet done in a way that should be easy to implement.  I’ve been to classes where you get so overloaded you have no idea where to start afterwards  I do not feel like that is the case with this one.

Joel Kerstetter

Solutions Electronic Cleaning

This training was most essential for us.  It opened my eyes and mind to what really matters in Disaster Restoration.  I believe I have been trained by the very best with Fireline.  Thank you and god Bless you all.

David Rasmussen


That was an impactful training and the suggestions for improvement are so easy to do.  The information and Illumination you brought has transformed Property Loss Management in the ways we run our contents jobs. In the past we were bogging down, now you have us looking ahead during the pack-out, being predictably organized while planning and providing how all items will be handles, cleaned and invoiced.  From start to finish, you have affected the entire outcome and success of our future contents work.

Jim Sprouse

Property Loss Management

This program gave me new avenues of Xactimate that have gone unchecked and overlooked far too long.  Upon my return to the office I took my new knowledge to the file I had most recently completed for billing.  The information I learned gave me the ability to raise my percentages by 18%.  Thank you Fireline™ for the constant progression in your training program.

Sean Carter

Calgary Contents

Thanks again for two great days of information and sharing. Your presented experience and knowledge is invaluable to the betterment of our industry. This workshop should be attended by everyone involved in this type of work.

Cleighton Tourtellotte


Thank you so much for all of the resources! ! This was the best class I’ve attended, and it had everything to do with your own values and authentic mission to help others. I am excited to have Fireline™ Training Centers as a most valuable resource!

Teresa Royer

Service Team of Professionals


Onsite Electronics Restoration Training: Thank you Rich for your time and help. We now feel that we can soar with Eagles and not run with Turkey’s.

Aubrey Stout

CRDN of Southwest Florida


By the way, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to let you know that your class has proven to be extremely beneficial, for the company and myself. I’ve only utilized a small portion of what you taught, which is the estimating portion, but the cost of your class was paid for with one contents job. Maybe you should consider using the old advertising slogan, “the gift that keeps on giving.”

Mark Bray

Paul Davis of Jackson MS

Mark Bray

Mitigation Manager/Estimator, Paul Davis of Jackson MS

Your class was amazing!  You do a great job of sharing information that seasoned professional can apply next day to increase profits and give plenty more on how to increase opportunities to increase productivity. For once, i walked away knowing more than i did before attending. And have big plans to implement as much as possible. I wanted to not only thank you so much, but let you know you are one of the few in the industry that is making a difference in the industry and making us better vendors. I just cannot say thank you enough. We will be in touch with your crew training guy and have him train and help us with our set up.

You do such a great job of teaching and proving the materials we need to implement positive change immediately in our organization.

Dean Jackson

United Property Restoration Services

Dean Jackson

Mitigation Division Manager, United Property Restoration Services