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Fireline™ C-4 Compact Plus


FIRELINE C4 SERIES      * Layouts Designed to suit your specs*

  1. C4 Pre Wash 46”L x 30”W
  2. SS Bridgeway 42”L x 27”W
  3. C4 Ultrasonic 36”L x 30”W
  4. RS2400 Sink 36”L x 30”W (2 x C4 PLUS)
  5. TD8000 Dryer 57”L x 24”W
  6. Tables 60”L x 30”W (not included)
  7. Conveyor Roller 60”L x 24”W (2 x C4 PLUS) (not included

The Fireline™ C-4 Compact Plus offers big performance in a small package has all the vital elements required for continuous flow production cleaning. The C-4 is a 110 volt system which consists of a pre-washer, ultrasonic cleaner, rinse station, and high capacity contents dryer. All processing stations operate independently from one another or can be locked together forming a single continuous production line. The C-4 is the ideal choice when production is required and space is limited. This Fireline™ is easily transported for on-site cleaning applications.

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UIC/Fireline™ products are produced in the USA at our Washington State plant located in Ferndale, WA. We are a ground floor manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and our manufacturing process is regulated by the QAI (Quality Assurance Institute). Our plant is “third party inspected”  twice annually to ensure compliance with industry codes, standards and manufacturing protocols.

Fireline™ products are specifically designed to deal with the many variables encountered in contents restoration and are known for their performance and reliability. Fireline™ cleaning equipment is built to the highest quality standards utilizing the latest advancements in ultrasonic wave sweep technology and all modules are constructed from 100% stainless steel for ultimate durability and cosmetic appeal.